0 A.D. Alpha R11863

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Create your own Empire in the year 0 AD.

0 AD is a strategy game in real time that's free, and which takes you back to a time when the future of civilization rests in your hands. The game 0 AD develops in the years that lie between 500 BC and 500 AD, in a unique environment, according to the civilization which you want to control. Each race has its own characteristics, both in appearance, groups and structures, being totally different from each other.

As in other strategy games where you must create and develop your own empire, in 0 AD you have an infantry, cavalry and Marine units which will help you control the military aspects of your territory, but you also have to take care of other aspects, perhaps less interesting, like the economic section and the survival of your kingdom.

As for the technical section of the game, despite being a free game, 0 AD features excellent graphics, which provide a fairly realistic scenario based on the geographical regions of the civilization of the ancient world. It also includes a powerful map editor, so that you're the one who designs your own scenes. Are you going to miss the opportunity to run your own civilization, and for free?


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